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Spinster and Spool

Spinster collage HIGH

I’ve finally got round to launching my little business venture Spinster and Spool on Etsy!

I’d made a few embroidery hoops with sassy female song lyrics for my own flat and had some really positive feedback from friends and family.

I don’t have much luck with dating (that could be a blog in itself!) and there are a few sassy song lyrics that have picked me up after a bad run of dates; Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea and Beyonce are constantly blearing through my headphones and I liked the idea of juxtaposing their feminist attitude with such a traditional craft as embroidery, using pretty, often kitsch, fabrics.

I start by creating the design on my Mac using InDesign, print it out onto paper, then transfer it onto the fabric. I then choose coloured thread and sew the letters in my favourite embroidery stitches. The hoops are then painted and I finish the backs with felt for neatness. They’re all handmade and total one-offs!

I have a few designs on Etsy so far and a separate Instagram account @spinsterandspool. However, new songs and quotes are constantly inspiring me and I like it when people come to me with their own ideas, too. It might be a song that’s inspired them or a quote that’s got them through a tough time. I think it’s special that I can make that into something beautiful for them to have in their home, especially if it makes them feel a little more positive. I believe women should pick each other up and support each other, because, as Lily Allen says, ‘It’s hard out here for a bitch!’






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